Kickstart Sunday: TORMENTING THE HEN

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This week on Kickstart Sunday, we’re looking at the latest feature film from director Theodore Collatos (Dipso), titled Tormenting the Hen. The film is a psychological thriller about a couple heading to a rural town in order to show off their play at a local theater company, but things get complicated after they meet a groundskeeper who apparently lacks any kind of social boundaries.

The film is looking for post production funding through IndieGoGo, so be sure to check out the project here and send a donation their way!

When playwright Claire is invited to set her latest work at a rural theater company, her fiance Monica tags along for a much-needed vacation. Upon encountering Mutty, an enigmatic groundskeeper with a gross lack of social boundaries, Monica’s hopes for respite, her future with Claire, and her very sanity are thrown into jeopardy.

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