Merawi Gerima’s RESIDUE Trailer

Merawi Gerima‘s heartfelt drama Residue has been picked up by Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY Releasing and a new trailer and poster have been released for it today.

The film involves a young man who returns to his neighborhood in DC to make a documentary about the area only to find it changed significantly since he left.

Residue will be on Netflix September 17th.

RESIDUE chronicles aspiring filmmaker Jay (Nwachukwu) who returns to his native Washington, DC to find his old neighborhood is gentrified beyond recognition. Dealing with alienation from his friends, troubled by the disappearance of a loved one and unsure of his place in this new community, Jay confronts issues of identity, isolation and loss on a tumultuous personal journey.

Merawi Gerima's RESIDUE Trailer 1
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