Michael Cera Goes Psycho in the ‘Magic Magic’ Trailer

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Sony has released a new trailer for the upcoming Michael Cera, Juno Temple starring horror flick, Magic Magic.  The film looks to be quite a departure from Cera’s previous work and, judging from the trailer, he looks to play a good psychopath.  The film, which originally premiered at Sundance 2013, is written and directed by Sebastián Silva (The Maid, Crystal Fairy).

Unfortunately, Sony deemed this too niche for a widespread audience, so it’s getting a straight to DVD release on August 6th, however most of the reviews coming out of Sundance were positive so it’s probably still worth checking out. Hit the jump for the synopsis and trailer.

Removed from everything she’s ever known, a young traveler finds herself surrounded by a group of strangers in the Chilean countryside. With tension rising, she must conquer her deepest fears and darkest secrets before her dreams become reality and her reality… a nightmare.

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