MUBI Announces December 2019 Highlights

MUBI Announces December 2019 Highlights 1
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Streaming service MUBI has announced the highlights for its upcoming December programming, including a trio of Francis Ford Coppola films and the premiere of Peter Strickland’s short GUO4.

Take a look below for a full list of highlights and be sure to head over to for more.

Francis Ford Coppola: Reignite Cinema

After achieving unprecedented acclaim in the 1970s with The Godfather, The Conversation and Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola repeatedly reinvented his approach to cinema in the following decades – pushing the boundaries of the form and taking major artistic gambles. MUBI will feature three of these under-appreciated, fruitful experimentations, including The Cotton Club Encore, Coppola’s recent recut of his 1984 masterpiece fresh from its premiere at NYFF last month.

The Cotton Club Encore — December 13
One from the Heart — December 20
Tetro — December 27

What is an Auteur?

This month marks the conclusion of MUBI’s year-long series dedicated to cinema’s most distinctive auteurs, having highlighted the likes of Alfonso Cuarón, Claire Denis, Abel Ferrara, and many more throughout 2019. This final installment will feature a double bill by Patrick Wang, one of the most singular voices in contemporary American independent cinema, and two deeply personal and profound diary films by the groundbreaking champion of avant-garde cinema Jonas Mekas on what would have been the director’s 97th birthday.

In the Family — December 6
The Grief of Others — December 7
Lost, Lost, Lost — December 23
Walden — December 24

Surviving Exile

This double bill highlights two fearless debut features about women confronting unthinkable ostracization. Part coming-of-age drama, part poignant historical exposé, Amanda Kernell’s Sami Blood uncovers the repression the indigenous Sami faced in 1930s Sweden, while Cai Chengjie’s The Widowed Witch is an eccentric portrait of an isolated three-time widow in rural China, which won the Tiger Award at Rotterdam 2018.

Sami Blood — December 14
The Widowed Witch — December 15

Exclusive Premieres

With his latest film In Fabric opening in theaters later this month, MUBI will present the exclusive online premiere of Peter Strickland’s short GUO4, his recent collaboration with multidisciplinary duo GUO formed by musicians Daniel Blumberg and Seymour Wright. The music video premiered at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year.

GUO4 — December 11 — Exclusive


Luchino Visconti’s grand Technicolor melodrama starring Alida Valli as a 19th-century Italian countess whose romance with a dashing Austrian lieutenant causes political chaos. Now beautifully restored, Senso (Venice ‘54) is one of the greats of Italian cinema.

Senso — December 1

To celebrate John Cassavetes’s birthday, MUBI will present Giuliano Montaldo’s highly stylized gangster film Machine Gun McCain (Cannes ‘69), featuring Cassavetes in the titular role alongside many of his future frequent collaborators, including Peter Falk and Gena Rowlands.

Machine Gun McCain — December 9

Based on Guy de Maupassant’s first novel, MUBI will present Alexandre Astruc’s Une vie (Venice ‘58) in their Adaptations series. As an early proponent of auteur theory, Astruc’s notion of the caméra-stylo or “camera-pen” helped set the stage for the Nouvelle Vague. Released the same year as Claude Chabrol’s Le Beau Serge and Louis Malle’s Elevator to the Gallows, this adaptation stands as an often-overlooked precursor to the New Wave that is worthy of rediscovery.

Une vie — December 29