MUBI Announces November 2019 Highlights

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Streaming service MUBI has announced their highlights for November’s upcoming lineup including a new restoration of Philippe Garrel‘s L’enfant secret, and Isabelle Huppert double bill with Deep Water and Time of the Wolf, and Bertrand Bonello’s Nocturama just to name a few.

Take a look below for all the November highlights and check out for more.

Exclusive Premieres

After releasing Philippe Garrel’s most recent film Lover for a Day in theaters last year, MUBI will exclusively present the online premiere of a new restoration of Garrel’s classic L’enfant secret. A work of intimate poetry that echoes the French auteur’s own love story with the singer Nico.

L’enfant secret — October 30 — Exclusive

A vivid coming-of-age film that defies expectations, Fabio Meira’s debut feature Two Irenes (Berlin ‘17) exquisitely meditates on self-identity during early adolescence.

Two Irenes — November 5 — Exclusive

Best Actress winner at Locarno 2018, Andra Guti gives a fiery breakout performance in Alice T. – an unflinching story of teenage rebellion and the latest from Romanian New Wave director Radu Muntean.

Alice T. — November 12 — Exclusive

An explosive film from master genre (and former softcore) director Takahisa Zeze. Set during the tumultuous end of Japan’s Taishō era (1923-1926), The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine (Busan ‘18) centers on a group of anarchists and a female sumo wrestling troupe.

The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine — November 19 — Exclusive

Winner of the Teddy Award for Best LGBTQ Documentary at Berlin 2018, Bixa Travesty is a striking portrait of Linn da Quebrada, a black transgender musician and activist from São Paulo’s impoverished favelas.

Bixa Travesty — November 26 — Exclusive

Isabelle Huppert in Focus

MUBI celebrates Isabelle Huppert, one of the greatest screen actors of her generation and a crucial, prolific figure in contemporary world cinema. The double bill features Huppert’s collaborations with arthouse greats Michel Deville and Michael Haneke.

Deep Water — November 14
Time of the Wolf — November 15

What is an Auteur?

This series dedicated to distinctive auteurs continues with Argentinian director Matías Piñeiro, who, over the course of his delightful filmography, has reimagined Shakespeare’s masterpieces on his charmingly intimate canvas. In Viola (Berlin ‘13) and The Princess of France (Locarno ‘14), Piñeiro reworks Twelfth Night and Love’s Labour’s Lost.

Viola — November 20
The Princess of France — November 21

A Matter of Faith: Three Films by Luis Ospina

MUBI had the honor of working with Colombian maverick Luis Ospina to present a selection of his groundbreaking work, which was interrupted by the director’s unexpected death in late September. His recent passing leaves behind a career spanning six decades, more than thirty trailblazing films, and the inextinguishable fire of an unmatched faith in cinema. MUBI is proud to show three of the documentarian’s most accomplished films, including It All Started at the End (TIFF ‘15), Ospina’s introspective self-portrait of the influential artists collective he founded, the “Grupo de Cali.”

The Vampires of Poverty — November 4
A Paper Tiger — November 11
It All Started at the End — November 18

Michel Hazanavicius’s OSS 117

Before Michel Hazanavicius achieved Academy Award fame with The Artist, he conjured this delightful Frenchified parody of the James Bond archetype. This screwball espionage double bill finds the brilliant Jean Dujardin in peak form.

OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies — November 16
OSS 117: Lost in Rio — November 17

With his latest film Zombi Child now in US theaters, MUBI presents Bertrand Bonello’s Nocturama (TIFF ‘16), the French director’s subversive and divisive terrorist thriller that won the 2016 Village Voice Film Poll for “Best Undistributed Film.”

Nocturama — November 8

MUBI is excited to show this singular film noir set in remote Bhutan. Dechen Roder’s debut feature Honeygiver Among the Dogs (Berlin ‘17) blends suspense, magic, and spirituality – resulting in an enigmatic detective thriller unlike any other.

Honeygiver Among the Dogs — November 10