Podcast- The Ignornance of Youth

This week on the show we have a monthly segment where we discuss a beloved film from our youth that we now hate, this month we talk about Mortal Kombat and Problem Child, we make Ryan watch Aliens in the Attic in honor of Men in Black III coming out this week, we go over our weekly movie predictions, and we talk about some other movies we watched this week including The Dictator, Elena, Hick, The Road, The Loved Ones, 50/50, Hysteria, Apartment 143 and 13 Assassins.

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Podcast- The Ignornance of Youth 2
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One Response to “Podcast- The Ignornance of Youth”

  1. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear Adam dis “Problem Child”! His Dad and I suffered through many viewings with him as a child, and not just when he was 7. When it would air on TV years later…..still had to watch it. But today we celebrate the wisdom that comes with age 🙂

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