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Release Date: January 25, 2013
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MPAA Rating: Unrated
Score: 6/10

Resolution is one of those films that can be hard to review without spoiling anything.   It’s one of those films where if you start discussing films in the same vein you may have already given too much away.    It’s also best if you haven’t read anything about it.    I knew nothing about the film and went in with no expectations or preconceptions, which is the best way to see the film.    You may notice that I only gave the film a 6/10 but don’t let that deter you from checking it out.   Over the years I’ve become a jaded horror fan and it takes a lot from the genre to impress me.    So a “6” from me, especially for this genre, says much.

The first thing I want to focus on are the performances and characters.   Peter Cilella and Vinny Curran are the two best friends and they are quite good.    The characters are well written and the chemistry between the two really gets you emotionally invested.    Once you get your audience emotionally invested in the main characters they’ll be willing to follow their arc to the end.   Cilella carries the film and Curran is pretty amusing whenever he’s on screen.    There’s a smattering of local denizens that appear here and there.   While some may be a bit clichéd they serve their purpose and more often then not are effective.    For a genre film, this features some solid acting which elevates the film in many ways.

Now I come to the directing and writing.    I will just say for the genre the direction was solid and the writing, especially some of the dialogue scenes, is good.    This is Benson’s first and Moorhead’s second feature film.   Together they kept the film going at a good pace and kept me engaged from the start, which is pretty good for a pair of young directors.    They were able to find the right balance and tone for the film that I think in other hands may have fallen apart.  At a reported budget of $1 million, they got a lot of bang for their buck.

Why only a 6 out of 10?   As I said I’ve become jaded with the genre.    There are things in the film that they did that I really liked.    I thought the characters were great and well performed.    It’s well directed and written.    In the end, the overall picture just didn’t blow my mind.    But don’t take my word for it, see it and judge for yourself.    Whether you like it or not, at the very least you’ll have something to talk about.


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