Sci-Fi Thriller SETTLERS Gets a Trailer

IFC Midnight has released the trailer for Settlers, a sci-fi thriller in which a family of settlers on Mars become the target of a group of outsiders. The film is directed by Wyatt Rockefeller and stars Sofia Boutella, Jonny Lee Miller, and Brooklynn Prince.

Settlers is currently screening at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival and will be available in theaters and on VOD platforms July 23rd.

On a remote homestead amongst the Martian frontier, a refugee family from Earth clings to hope for a better life. But when strangers appear in the surrounding hills and attempt to run them off, nine-year-old Remmy (Brooklynn Prince, THE FLORIDA PROJECT) is faced with the desperate reality her mother (Sofia Boutella, THE MUMMY) and father (Jonny Lee Miller, TRAINSPOTTING) have tried so hard to keep from her.

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