Screamfest 2013: DELIVERY Interview with Writer/Director Brian Netto and Writer/Producer Adam Schindler

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Film Pulse’s Ernie Trinidad had a quick chat with writer/director Brian Netto and writer/producer Adam Schindler on their upcoming found footage horror flick Delivery.  The film follows a young couple agreeing to take part in a reality show that chronicles their first pregnancy, however things go horribly awry.

Be sure to check out our review from its screening at the Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this year, and hit the break for the interview and trailer.

Film Pulse    

So now that you’re here with the core audience that you want to show this film to what are you most looking forward to at the screening?

Adam Schindler     

Their reaction, seeing their reaction you know because it’s a nice blend of drama and horror so we’re excited to see their reaction, of course how they react at the end.

Brian Netto

These are our people, so we want to make sure that we bring a good show, and I think it’s been a very vocal reaction.


Good, it’s been a while since I’ve heard that kind of reaction at the end of a movie, people were like literally jumping out of their seats.


Yes it’s a great ending.


You have to see it with a crowd.


Yeah, you got to see it with a crowd.


So how’s the movie coming along?


Well you know we’ve had a great reception thus far, we take a great lot of pride in the fact a film like this can play at Screamfest, it also played at the LA film festival, New Orleans and Sitges, and we’ve got a good response, so for us we feel as though we have a little of everything.  We play in a lot different categories and we take a great deal of pride in it so the reception has been great.


But then again this is an LA film, and Screamfest is an LA horror film festival, so this is the core audience, so we’re excited to see the response. You know we made a horror movie for ourselves and people who like horror movies so hopefully they appreciate it.


I’m sure they will, thanks guys.


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