Short Film: DEBIT WOLF

Short Film: DEBIT WOLF 1
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This week’s short film pick comes to us from director Chris Shields and his film Debit Wolf. Waking up on a park bench, a woman finds her hands covered in blood, not knowing what happened or how she got there. Through a series of events she begins to realize she may be a debit wolf- someone who undergoes a monstrous change when their bank account becomes low on funds. I think we have a little debit wolf in all of us.

Check out the film below and if you dig it, consider throwing it a vote for this season’s Fandependent Film Festival where it’s competing for a $1000 prize.

A young woman wakes to find herself on a park bench, her hands covered in blood. She has no idea how she got there. Suddenly, she remembers, and begins to put together the pieces.
She notices a pattern: every time her bank account gets a little low she begins to transform into something not quite human.
Only with the help of a friend can she confront what may or may not be happening to her.

Full Disclosure: Film Pulse is a promotional partner with Fandependent Films, however there has been no monetary gain and all opinions are our own.

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