Short Film: A Girl Just Wants To Become Gelatin in RUBBER GUILLOTINE

In partnership with Fandependent Films, we’ll be presenting one short film every Friday that has been selected for their Winter Film Festival and to kick things off I just have to go with Bryan M. Ferguson‘s delightfully odd micro short Rubber Guillotine, a 1-minute tale of a girl who decides she wants to have her bones turned into Jell-o when she dies.

Note only does it ooze with humor and style, but it has made me want to seek out everything else Ferguson has done and devour it into my eyeholes.

Check out the film and if you like it, vote for it over on its festival page at

The Fandependent Winter Festival will feature 66 short films in competition, and all of them will be made available for free throughout the festival so be sure to check them out and let us know your picks.

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