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This week’s Fandependent Friday pick is Dave Conte‘s comedy Jef Needs Ice Cream, in which Jef heads out in the cold on an arduous journey to acquire a delicious frozen treat. My main reason for this pick is because I know this struggle all to well.

Give the film a look below and if you like what you see consider voting for it during this season’s Fandependent Film Festival where it’s competing for a $1000 cash prize.


Jef Needs Ice Cream is about a guy named Jef who goes to his recently-deceased friend Brad’s apartment to smoke all of his weed before his parents come to collect his things. After getting good and stoned, he realizes that Brad didn’t leave any ice cream behind after his death, and now he has to brave the harsh New York City winter to find some.

Full Disclosure: Film Pulse is a promotional partner with Fandependent Films, however receives no monetary gain and all opinions expressed are our own.

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