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With animation in the style of an old tapestry, this week’s Fandependent Films Winter Festival short film pick is Amanda McCann‘s Medieval Birthday Party. Coming in at just a minute, this tale of a nine year old attempting to invite people to his birthday party is just my kind of dark humor. The middle ages were really awful weren’t they?

Take a look at the film below and if you like what you see, consider voting for Medieval Birthday Party to win this season’s Fandependent Films festival and get a $1000 cash prize.

A nine year old in medieval England excitedly goes to hand out his birthday invitations only to discover all of his friends have succumbed to horrible medieval deaths. Luckily the town peasant has a surprise in store for him.

Full disclosure: Film Pulse is promotional partners with Fandependent Films, however there was no monetary gain and all opinions are our own.

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