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This week’s short film pick is actually one that we’ve discussed on the podcast before when it premiered at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival, and that’s Matthew Wade‘s Plena Stellarum. This trippy piece of animated weirdness is now screening online for free at this season’s Fandependent Film Festival, and it’s definitely worth a look. Like some crazy coin-op version of Castlevania on acid, I can’t tell you what this thing is all about, but I can tell you it’s awesome and I love it.

Check it out below and consider voting for it at where it’s competing for a $1000 cash prize.

Neon ghosts dream in dead landscapes, the genesis of consciousness begins to explore finite territories and infinite loops within the digital walls of amusement, and a creature born of abstraction interferes with a simple system never meant to be pushed so far.

Full Disclosure: Film Pulse is a promotional partner with Fandependent Films, however there is no monetary gain and all opinions are our own.

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