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Last week we showcased a short film about a gang called The Pissy Tits Street Gang and this week we have another gang-related short to present called Smoke Bomb Boys. Directed by James P. Gannon, the film revolves around a trio of hooligans who just love blowing shit up.

Take a look below and if you dig it, consider throwing it a vote on where it’s competing for a $1000 cash prize.

The Smoke Bomb Boys are the guys who never really fit in. They do things their own way with a course set for the dream: no shitty jobs, no complicated relationships, just hanging out, blowing stuff up and fucking around. But sometimes the realities of the real world may make that seem like it’s not enough and fosters an internal struggle over conformity and acceptance within their group. Choices are made, friendship’s are tested, and shit explodes.

Full Disclosure: Film Pulse is promotional partners with Fandependent Films, however there is no monetary gain and all opinions are our own.

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