This Week In Robocop News

It looks like the Robocop reboot has finally got a lead with Joel Kinnaman from AMC’s The Killing becoming everyone’s favorite robot cop. The Swedish actor has been on the rise lately with roles in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Darkest Hour, and Safe House, as well as the successful Swedish films Snabba Cash and the upcoming Snabba Cash 2. Both of those films are set to be released in the US under the titles Easy Money and Easy Money 2.

I think this is a bold choice, but ultimately a good one.  I like this guy a lot and I think he will certainly breath new life into an all but dead franchise. Originally it was rumored that Michael Fassbender was up for the role, but apparently he was too busy being in every other film being made this year.

Jose Padilha (Elite Squad) is set to direct, and there’s no tentative release date yet.

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