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park city
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Release Date: April 1, 2015 (Limited and VOD)
Director: Hannah Rosner
MPAA Rating: NR

Imagine the film you have spent thousands of dollars upon and toiled over for what seems like decades has been accepted to the Sundance film festival. It’s a veritable mecca of movers and shakers and for an independent filmmaker it’s the place you want your film to play. Very exciting no doubt.   Now imagine finally getting there and the only existing print of your film has suddenly vanished hours before their screening.   Horrifying to say the least. This is the dilemma that befalls the cast and crew of the film “Hearts and Cash” in director Hannah Rosner’s first feature film, the amusing comedy Park City.

Instead of a more traditional race-against-time comedy, Rosner opts to make this one more in the vein of The Hangover. In fact you could almost call this The Hangover Goes to Sundance.  However it isn’t just limited to them trying to find the film after an ill-advised night of binge drinking it also follows their journey from Los Angeles to Sundance. Right off the bat things go wrong when they leave late and run out of gas.  Murphy’s Law is a theme that rears its ugly head often.

Rosner and co-writer Julia Turner have created an entertaining group of characters that are forced to make this journey.  Amateur director Joey, put upon producer Hannah, the diva actress Jill and crew member Dave are an eclectic group who appear to be an amalgamation of the archetypes they are portraying. They are a likable bunch which only helps you empathize with their plight.   Interspersed throughout the film Rosner has placed interview segments by those involved as they recount their Sundance experience.  Often times they would lead into a recollection of what actually went down during that part of their search for the film print.   It’s an amusing plot device put to good effect. The comedic moments are more to elicit laughs then provide amusing real life situation comedy.  The bits work more often than not.

Rosner does get some entertaining performances from her leads, including herself.  Dave Hoffman is the stand out as Dave, the stoner/tag-along of the bunch. Oddly his best moments are either when he’s stoned, drunk or hungover.  Jill Evyn is amusing as she channels her inner Paris Hilton. Joey Mireles conveys the wide-eyed idealism of an amateur director who hopes to have an audience see his film and be touched. Rosner does well as the “Set Mom” who has to keep everyone in check but she does have a saucy side when she needs to cut loose.

Park City is a relatable and amusing comedy about the Sundance experience. You don’t have to be in the industry or a festival goer to truly find enjoyment in this little comedy. There are moments that are quite funny and moments that seemed to fall flat. One thing for sure is you may not look at a baguette the same way again.

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