VOD Releases for the Week of August 26th, 2013

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There’s a nice batch of releases hitting VOD this week including Bad Milo!, which is surprisingly funny, and Rewind This!, which is a fantastic documentary about the history of VHS.  Also hitting VOD either pre-theatrical or day and date is The Hollow Crown, a miniseries starring Jeremy Irons and Tom Hiddleston based on select works from Shakespeare, and Una Noche, written and directed by Lucy Mulloy.

Hit the break to check out the trailer, release date, and synopsis for each.


Bad Milo – August 29th, 2013

dir. Jacob Vaughan
A horror comedy centered on a guy who learns that his unusual stomach problems are being caused by a demon living in his intestines.

Rewind This! – August 27th, 2013

dir. Josh Johnson
If you’ve ever combed through a video store’s shelves in search of the weirdest hard-to-find movies, then you’ll love” Rewind This!”, a doc exploring the heyday of the VHS. A FilmBuff Presentation.

The Hollow Crown – August 27th, 2013

dir. Various
From executive producer Sam Mendes comes THE HOLLOW CROWN, stunning adaptations of four of Shakespeare’s most treasured plays featuring all-star casts. Watch the trailer here.

Una Noche – August 26th, 2013

dir. Lucy Mulloy
In Havana, Raul dreams of escaping to Miami. Accused of assault, he appeals to Elio to help him reach the forbidden world 90 miles across the ocean. One night, full of hope, they face the biggest challenge of their lives.