THE WAR OF THE ROSES Sequel in the Works

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Deadline reported today that there’s a sequel in the works to the 1989 Danny DeVito directed film The War of the Roses, which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner as a couple literally fighting through a messy divorce.  Much like DeVito’s other directorial projects such as Throw Mama from the Train and Death to Smoochy, it was a very dark comedy that had some serious bite to it.

The sequel will be based off the second book from the original’s author, Warren Adler, and focus on the Rose children and how their lives turned out after the devastating events in the first film.  The project is still in its very early stages so there’s no writer or director attached just yet, but here’s hoping DeVito hops back into the director’s chair for this one.

Permut Presentations and Grey Eagle Films will be producing, Permut is also the company behind the upcoming Sam Kinison biopic with Josh Gad.

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