Watch: Check Out Sean Baker’s KHAITE, A Love Letter to Old New York

Fashion brand Khaite has teamed up with director Sean Baker to present their Fall/Winter collection with a 4-minute short film that celebrates the gritty majesty of ’70s New York.

I don’t know about you, but I would absolutely love Baker to turn this into a feature-length gender-swapped version of The Warriors. Holy shit that would be incredible.

Shot on the streets of New York and within its subterranean corridors, the new short from Sean Baker (Tangerine, The Florida Project) collapses past and present to evoke a city defined by extremes—perilous yet alluring, raw yet resilient. Hearkening back to classic 1970s New York cinema, Baker’s distinctive visual language is a perfect match for the energy, emotion, and colors of the city—from its flashing neon lights to its darkest chambers. Pulsating to the rhythms of subway, graffiti, garbage, and glamour abound in equal measure, while loneliness is combated with cathartic collective chaos. Shot for Khaite as a Showcase for the Fall/Winter 2021 Collection, the short was produced by Prodject in creative collaboration with Superprime.

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