Watch: Trevor Anderson’s Short Film JESSE JAMS

After premiering at the 2020 Outfest Fusion festival in Los Angeles, director Trevor Anderson‘s short documentary Jesse Jams is now available to watch on Vimeo and was recently chosen as a staff pick.

The film takes a brief look at the life of Jesse Jams, an Indigenous trans punk rocker and lead member of Jesse Jams and the Flams.

A young Indigenous trans musician and his rock band bring mumble punk to the Interstellar Rodeo. A rock‘n’roll survival story of a different stripe.

Jesse is a rock’n’roll survivor. He’s an Indigenous trans man who grew up in care and endured years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. He has a list of mental health diagnoses as long as your arm, but Jesse has developed his own way to cope with his day-to-day challenges: rock’n’roll. 

The film follows Jesse for a week of his life, as he makes his way to recording sessions, rehearsals, sound checks, and finally a full set with his band at Edmonton’s summer music festival, Interstellar Rodeo. Jesse’s songs are the way into his story: there’s a whole life behind those lyrics.

Watch: Trevor Anderson's Short Film JESSE JAMS 1
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One Response to “Watch: Trevor Anderson’s Short Film JESSE JAMS”

  1. David Hollingsworth Reply

    This was so enlightening and inspiring, despite Jesse’s difficult past. It just flowed so smoothly.

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