We Are One: A Global Film Festival Announces Lineup

We Are One: A Global Film Festival Announces Lineup 1
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The full lineup has been announced for the first We Are One: A Global Film Festival, which will feature over 100 titles streaming for free on YouTube beginning May 29th.

The festival is co-curated by some of the most popular film festivals from around the world including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Sundance, Toronto, and Tribeca.

Take a look below for the full list of feature films, and be sure to head over to weareoneglobalfestival.com for more information.

45 Days in Harvar

Plastic artist-director César Aréchiga recreates his living room and studio in a Mexican maximum-security prison, in which fifteen inmates learn about paper production, clay modeling, sculpture and painting.
Starts at 04:15 PM EST on June 1
Curated by Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
103 min

Adela Has Not Had Supper Yet

On a visit to Prague from New York, the renowned private detective Nick Carter must solve a mysterious disappearance…and face off against a music-loving, flesh-eating plant.
Starts at 06:25 PM EST on June 6
Curated by International Film Festival Rotterdam
73 min

Air Conditioner

When air conditioners in Luanda begin to mysteriously fall from building windows, a security guard embarks on a pleasantly surreal, jazz-inflected journey through the Angolan capital.
Starts at 11:45 AM EST on June 6
Curated by We Are One: A Global Film Festival
97 min


When a Palestinian single mom and her teenage son immigrate to small-town Illinois, their dreams of an exciting future clash with the racism they encounter there in this dramedic FIPRESCI prizewinner.
Starts at 01:15 PM EST on June 5
Curated by Venice Film Festival
97 min

Beautiful Things

Solitary men in oil rigs and supertankers, isolation chambers and waste plants, coalesce in a riveting global symphony of material production and consumption.
Starts at 06:25 PM EST on June 3
Curated by Guadalajara International Film Festival
94 min

Beyond The Mountain

A typist must confront his suppressed past when he finds his mother lying dead, clutching a letter addressed to the father who abandoned him.
Starts at 04:15 PM EST on June 2
Curated by Sarajevo Film Festival
114 min

Bridges of Sarajevo

On the centenary of World War I, a varied group of European directors gives voice to the modern ghosts and historical echoes of the Bosnian capital.
Starts at 09:30 AM EST on May 31
Curated by International Film Festival & Awards Macao
127 min

A City Called Macau

In the gambling underworld of early 2000s Macau, a casino VIP client servicing manager is swept up into a high-stakes melodrama amid epic-scale historical change.
Starts at 07:00 AM EST on June 6
Curated by Toronto International Film Festival
65 min

Crazy World

Pint-sized kung fu masters face off with the evil Tiger Mafia in this action flick from Uganda’s no-budget, gonzo super-studio, Wakaliwood.
Starts at 02:00 PM EST on May 29
Curated by San Sebastian International Film Festival
98 min


An energetic and hypnotic Basque musical offers a poetic song to northern Spain, with both an affection for tradition and a forward-thinking universality.
Starts at 12:15 PM EST on June 4
Curated by Mumbai Film Festival
97 min

Eeb Allay Ooo

A young migrant is hired to shoo away rampaging monkeys from New Delhi government buildings by mimicking aggressive langurs—their natural enemies—in this charmingly absurd social farce.
Starts at 07:00 AM EST on May 30
Curated by Venice Film Festival
40 min

Electric Swan

An apartment building in Buenos Aires begins to tremble and provokes an otherworldly nausea throughout the city in this magical realist skewering of its class divisions.
Starts at 01:00 PM EST on May 29
Curated by BFI London Film Festival
87 min

The Epic of Everest

Filming in brutally harsh conditions with a hand-cranked camera, Captain John Noel captured the Everest expedition of 1924 with a breathtaking beauty freshly restored by the BFI National Archive.
Starts at 05:00 PM EST on June 4
Curated by Sundance Film Festival
56 min


This intimate portrait follows three families as they prepare for the annual Grab Day tradition on the Laguna Pueblo reservation, an event that has evolved for over 300 years.
Starts at 02:15 PM EST on June 4
Curated by Tokyo International Film Festival
74 min

Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops

After their opening night show gets cancelled, a theater troupe decides to rehearse anyways. Over the course of a 74-minute single take, their real lives merge with their roles.
Starts at 03:30 PM EST on June 4
Curated by We Are One: A Global Film Festival
99 min

The Iron Hammer

Joan Chen’s documentary debut charts the inspiring life and career of Chinese icon “Jenny” Lang Ping, who won historic volleyball gold and transformed a struggling national team into Olympic champions.
Starts at 04:30 PM EST on June 7
Curated by International Film Festival Rotterdam
52 min


Enigmatic whispers shroud a homeless eccentric in mystique—some called him a lunatic, others an artist and philosopher—and inspire this contemporary dance piece about his life on Cape Verde.
Starts at 09:00 AM EST on June 3
Curated by Jerusalem Film Festival
98 min

Late Marriage

Dover Kosashvili’s Ophir Award-winning film from 2001 is a clever dramedy about a bachelor who becomes involved with a single mother against the wishes of his traditional Georgian family.
Starts at 02:45 PM EST on May 30
Curated by San Sebastian International Film Festival
90 min

Los Pasos Dobles

Painter François Augiéras believed that the best way to escape without a trace is to walk backwards, in your own footprints—this conceptual reimagining of his life retraces his steps.
Starts at 10:15 AM EST on June 5
Curated by Jerusalem Film Festival
54 min

Love Chapter 2

The winner of the FEDORA – Van Cleef & Arpels Prize for Ballet, Love: Chapter 2 pulses with livewire choreography, a thrumming electronic score, and the chaos and confusion of love.
Starts at 09:45 AM EST on May 30
Curated by Venice Film Festival
125 min

Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy

Based on an anonymous Twitter feed, a candid coming-of-age story blooms from the fantasy world of a Thai teenager.
Starts at 02:20 PM EST on June 3
Curated by San Sebastian International Film Festival
72 min

Mugaritz Bso

Recipes and soundscapes intertwine in this glimpse of a daring—and mouthwatering—multimedia collaboration between San Sebastian chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and musician Felipe Ugarte.
Starts at 11:00 AM EST on May 30
Curated by Sydney Film Festival
119 min

Mystery Road

Indigenous cowboy detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pederson) returns to his outback hometown to solve the murder of a teenage girl whose body is found underneath a trucking route.
Starts at 08:05 AM EST on June 7
Curated by Mumbai Film Festival
79 min


An ordinary day unfolds for a warmhearted street salesman in southern India, as he tries to make a loving home for his family while warding off the anti-Muslim sentiment of his neighbors.
Starts at 09:30 AM EST on June 6
Curated by Tribeca Film Festival
110 min

Ricky Powell: The Individualist

Ricky Powell boasts a quintessential New York story, rising to fame as a street photographer in the 80’s and 90’s and touring with the Beastie Boys, capturing some of the wildest moments in popular culture.
Starts at 05:30 PM EST on May 30
Curated by BFI London Film Festival
85 min

Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records

Featuring Jamaican reggae and ska legends like Lee “Scratch” Perry and Marcia Griffiths, Rudeboy chronicles a multicultural revolution on the dancefloors of late ’60s and early ’70s Briatin.
Starts at 03:30 PM EST on May 29
Curated by Sarajevo Film Festival
60 min

SEE Factory Sarajevo mon amour

Five uniquely moving films about motherhood—bubbling up in the grocery store, the cemetery, or even a car ride—come together in this omnibus film set in Sarajevo.
Starts at 09:00 AM EST on June 5
Curated by BFI London Film Festival
106 min

Shiraz: A Romance of India

Franz Osten’s epic silent feature, featuring a specially commissioned score by Anoushka Shankar, tells the ravishing tale of one of the world’s most beautiful monuments to love: the Taj Mahal.
Starts at 12:15 PM EST on June 2
Curated by International Film Festival & Awards Macao
97 min


Sei moved to Taiwan 15 years ago with her husband, but a searing melodrama of cultural alienation unfolds when an unexpected death conjures her tangled past in pre-handover Macau.
Starts at 08:00 AM EST on June 2
Curated by Berlin International Film Festival
109 min

Ticket of No Return

A solitary woman purchases a one-way ticket to Berlin to indulge her greatest passion—binge drinking—in Ulrike Ottinger’s flamboyantly provocative classic of New German Cinema.Starts at 09:00 AM EST on June 1
Curated by Tokyo International Film Festival
117 min

Tremble All You Want

For the past decade, Yoshika has had a secret crush on her middle school classmate. Her life is thrown into chaos when a colleague asks her out.Starts at 03:15 PM EST on June 5
Curated by Marrakech International Film Festival
107 min


In this tale of love and beauty among the ruins, recently married Abdelkader and Malika struggle to make ends meet, but a violent incident turns their destiny upside down.Starts at 10:15 AM EST on June 3
Curated by We Are One: A Global Film Festival
88 min

Wake Up: Stories From the Frontlines of Suicide Prevention

Four gripping, unique stories from the frontlines of suicide prevention—those of American veterans, the LGBT community, university students, and gun owners—weave together into a call to action.Starts at 06:45 PM EST on June 4
Curated by International Film Festival & Awards Macao
119 min

Wrath of Silence

When his son disappears while tending to the family’s sheep farm, a mute miner (Song Yang) seeks vengeance against the land tycoons who wring his rural village dry.
Starts at 07:30 AM EST on June 4
Curated by International Film Festival & Awards Macao
119 min