Blake’s Top 10 Horror Movies of 2017

For all you horror fans out there here’s another top 10 for 2017 from Blake Crane. Note these are all films distributed this year and do not contain festival or unreleased titles.

10. Gerald’s Game – Carla Gugino is amazing, carrying the desperate situation and selling the truly horrific moments. May go on a few minutes too long, but the journey to catharsis works well.

9.  The Devil’s Candy – A simple, disturbing story set alternatively to blaring heavy metal and a pensive, droning mood. The solid cast and writer/director Sean Byrne add weight to all the developments, however familiar.

8.  It – Really captures the power of childhood trauma present in King’s novel, along with the manifestation of those fears. Skarsgård is terrifying as Pennywise. [Review]

7.  The Lure – Has to be the most intense horror/musical about cannibalistic Polish mermaids who become nightclub singers of all time. After all that happens, it gets weird.

6.  It Comes at Night – Beautifully shot doom and gloom set to a penetrating score and featuring passionate performances that aren’t over the top. [Review]

5.  The Blackcoat’s Daughter – An atmospheric slow burn that builds the suspense and dread wonderfully. The bloody revelations are earned, and are as hypnotic as the set-up.

4.  Raw – Remind me to never enroll in a French veterinary school, it looks pretty intense. Julia Ducournau’s film is a (very) graphic and simultaneously gorgeous-looking coming of age shocker. [Review]

3.  Tragedy Girls – Like Get Out, Tragedy Girls plays with convention, but in a more overtly comedic way. Doesn’t skimp on the gore while subverting tropes, either. [Review]

2.  Mother! – An entrancing waking nightmare. The images and insane final act leave an impression that goes far beyond the more obvious beats of the allegory. [Review]

1.  Get Out – Some say this is a “social thriller.” To that, I say, “Whatever, it’s a horror movie.” One that relates its chills to relevant themes, which is what great horror does. [Review]

Honorable Mentions: Happy Death Day, Berlin Syndrome, The Girl with All the Gifts, A Dark Song, Mayhem, Found Footage 3D, Killing Ground

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