nun_1 5

THE NUN Review

Nothing that’s built around the Nun’s haunting glare fully ignites the nightmare fuel inherent in the image.

searching 8


Searching provides an experience that colors far outside the constraints of digital boxes, going far beyond a simple visual gimmick.

What Keeps You Alive 6.5


Though occasionally procedural in a protracted final act, What Keeps You Alive is a solid thriller, constructed with style, that makes its manipulations matter.

the-ranger-sxsw 6.5


The Ranger has a ton of fun with ’80s slasher traditions but never turns them into a joke, marrying a punk-rock exuberance with some nasty bloodshed.

slenderman_screenshot 3


There’s no fun in this dour exercise and scares are non-existent as the film haphazardly assembles various tropes and repetitive nightmare imagery into 90 minutes of weariness.

blackkklansman_2 9


BlacKkKlansman is Spike Lee’s best film since 2002’s 25th Hour and his most vital and challenging since well before that.

Ant_Man_and_the_Wasp.0 5


The adventure is swallowed up by exhausting attempts at humor that don’t land nearly often enough. In terms of the Marvel films being episodic, Ant-Man and the Wasp is a forgettable mid-season replacement sitcom.

emptahy inc 3 7

Cinepocalypse 2018: EMPATHY, INC. Review

Our world is in desperate need of more empathy, but the commoditized version presented in the thought-provoking Empathy, Inc. probably isn’t the way go, even if it were possible.

The-Devils-Doorway-BTS-picture-2 8

Cinepocalypse 2018: THE DEVIL’S DOORWAY Review

The boxy aspect ratio with rounded corners, 16mm sheen that makes each frame look like a historic photograph, and believable issues with sound – like occasionally muffled dialogue – also act as pleasing counterbalances to the typical found-footage tricks.

Await-Further-Instructions-movie 7.5

Cinepocalypse 2018: AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS Review

The serious, real-life cruelties occurring at America’s southern border, and the encroaching darkness of the last couple of years, make this an apt time for genre films to add to the discourse and perhaps provide some escape.

heavytrip_still_3_harriraty_cmakingmovies2017_copy_0 7

Cinepocalypse 2018: HEAVY TRIP Review

The story of loveable outcasts finding their niche, in part on a wacky road trip to a climactic shining moment, may not be new, but this journey is a unique and entertaining one.

DOM_01426.ARW 7.5

Cinepocalypse 2018: THE DOMESTICS Review

The Domestics creates an interesting, totally whacked-out environment that recalls many doomsday movies (including Doomsday), but the realized universe and setting of agrarian Wisconsin are original enough, with the marriage drama and political subtext peppering in some flavor along the way.

moonrise-1 8

MOONRISE Criterion Blu-ray Review

Based on the quality of the film and Criterion’s immaculate audio/visual exhibition, Moonrise is definitely recommended, I just wish there were more supplements to dive into.