Grimmfest 2021: Vanya Peirani-Vignes’ BLAST Announced as Closing Night Film

Just yesterday we posted five titles we are excited for at Manchester’s Grimmfest and now another film has to be added to that list as today the team has revealed the closing night film will be Vanya Peirani-Vignes‘ thriller Blast, which involves a bomb disposal expert who becomes trapped in a car armed with an anti-tank mine.

Grimmfest will be happening in person from October 7 – 10 followed by a virtual festival which happens from October 14 – 17. For more information head over to their site here.

In a Parisian parking lot bomb desposal expert Sonia finds herself trapped in a car wired to an anti-tank mine with her young son and the daughter of her boyfriend Fred, who finds himself stuck outside, powerless to help. Only her own expertise and that of her colleagues can save them. But as they race against the clock, they must also try to identify the source of the threat…

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