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Release Date:   March 30th, 2016 (via
Directors:   Loni Paone and Cooper Vacheron
Run Time:   19 minutes


There is an undeniable absurdity to professional pursuits of Allie and Ino (Allie Wittner and Ino Badanjak), the central duo of Psychopomp, but the absurdity of this short is compounded by the level of seriousness that is concentrated into their endeavors. Bits of humor can be found here and there as a result of their deadpan dealings in psychopompitry – from brainstorming improvements for a homemade aromatherapy apparatus that once specialized in garlic bread wafts to the timid presentation of an earthly concoction of masticated fruits that could be misconstrued as another iteration of the already-implemented fruit soup.

Adding to the mix of silliness found within the psychopompitry is the age-old frustrations and irritations inherent with sharing living space with another human being, especially one dabbling in the same field and operating out of the same space. Interruptions and/or personal space infractions heaped upon the day-to-day annoyances, like commandeering your roommate’s pickles or wasting the entirety of their shaving cream towards spontaneous R&D of a new idea.

There is plenty to like in Loni Paone and Cooper Vacheron’s short without wearing out its welcome within its 19-minute run-time. The problem is I was just getting settled in when the credits began to roll. Psychopomp has the feel of a pilot episode, setting down a foundation while showing glimpses of better things to come if only those starting points were given time to develop.

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