Sophy Romvari & Deragh Campbell’s LET YOUR HEART BE LIGHT Gets a Trailer

Here we have the trailer for the short film, Let Your Heart Be Light; a collaborative production co-directed/written/starring Sophy Romvari and Deragh Campbell as two friends spending the night together decorating for Christmas. Quiet moments between two friends, the types of moments that seem surface-level unmemorable and unremarkable yet, with time, become and remain overwhelmingly significant, the sort of lasting memory that appears time and time again as a snapshot of happiness, perhaps, unbeknownst at the time but solidified through recollection. A simple, uncomplicated time spent with someone you care about, enjoying each other’s company in a time of need.

It is simple and straightforward but it is also effective in evoking those underlying sentiments without resorting to outright sentimentality. Let Your Heart Be Light is a Christmas film in the non-traditional sense that focuses on the subdued side of the holidays; in some ways, capturing a more genuine depiction of Christmas (for some) than what audiences have come to expect in the past.

Let Your Heart Be Light will be playing as a part of the 36th Vancouver International Film Festival on October 1st. However, if you’ve been keeping yourself up-to-date with the cinematic offerings from Kinet.Media, Let Your Heart Be Light was a part of the Christmas-themed omnibus, 🌲🌲🌲, that streamed on the website back in December of last year.

Let Your Heart Be Light – Trailer from Sophy Romvari on Vimeo.

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