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Tiff 2018: KILLING Review

With his latest, maverick actor/director Shinya Tsukamoto continues his later career's exploration of more traditional genre forms examined under his iconoclast perspective with the condensed and eclectic samurai drama Killing.


Tiff 2018: Midnight Madness Titles Announced

The Midnight Madness program has been revealed for this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff), which includes the world premieres of David Gordon Green’s Halloween as well as Shane Black’s The Predator.

Take a look below at the full lineup


Tiff 2018: Galas and Special Presentations Announced

The Galas and Special Presentations programs have been announced for this year’s Toronto International Film Festival with a typically obscene amount of high profile films being included. This year there will be 17 Galas and 30 Special Presentations, with 21 world premieres,

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Downrange isn’t exactly revolutionary, but if you’re in the mood for a solid piece of genre filmmaking from a stylish director, there are worse ways to spend 90 minutes.

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Chappaquiddick is another chapter in an accomplished filmography and a must-see come time for its streaming release.

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It is not an exaggeration to call the film entrancing, drawing you into each scene with perfect filmmaking and perfectly surreal acting to force you through two hours of dread.

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Tiff 2017: MY DAYS OF MERCY Review

A romantic drama about the death penalty is a hard concept to pull off, but the film handles the dual conflict of Lucy’s relationship with her father and her relationship with Mercy with a lot of grace.


Tiff 2017: MOLLY’S GAME Review

I honestly don’t know if he could have made a film that was more Sorkineque without fleecing the cast of his old shows and having a cameo from Mark Zuckerberg and the Winkelvii.

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Tiff 2017: KISSING CANDICE Review

Irish Director Aoife McArdle's debut feature film, Kissing Candice, features a bored girl living in Ireland who is dreaming of a more exciting life with an exciting man away from her awful town.

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Tiff 2017: BEAST Review

Michael Pearce’s debut feature, Beast, suffers from an awkward problem. The overall goal of the film is to create a dark, adult fairy tale about a woman suffering from a domineering family, obvious mental health issues, and a naiveté about the world


Tiff 2017: Discovery Program Lineup Announced

Tiff has announced the full lineup for their Discovery Program at this year’s festival, which contains 45 new films from first and second time filmmakers from all over the globe.

Take a look below at the lineup as well as links to