Top 50 of 2016 (#25 – #1): KEVIN RAKESTRAW

Out of curiousity, I went ahead and broke down the titles that ended up securing a place on my year-end list. Of the 50 titles, 52% of them happened to theatrical offerings while the other 48% were viewed via the internet; websites like NoBudge (6), Mubi (5), FestivalScope (4) comprising the bulk of that 48%, with a couple of titles from Fandor, Vimeo, Filmmaker Magazine, Field of Vision and Kinet.Media. 64% come by way of the US. 58% were directed by male filmmakers, 34% by female and 8% by a group of female and male directors.

#25: SPL 2: A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES directed by Soi Cheang

#24: SUNDAY directed by Iva Gocheva

#23: THE DAY BEFORE THE END directed by Lav Diaz

#22: WE ALL LOVE THE SEASHORE directed by Keina Espiñeira

#21: COSMOS directed by Andrzej Żuławski

#20: LITTLE SISTER directed by Zach Clark

#19: HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE directed by Taika Waititi

#18: LOVE & FRIENDSHIP directed by Whit Stillman

#17: THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE directed by Perry Blackshear

#16: THE PHENOM directed by Noah Buschel

#15: MEN GO TO BATTLE directed by Zachary Treitz

#14: ELLE directed by Paul Verhoeven

#13: THE FITS directed by Anna Rose Holmer

#12: FOR THE PLASMA directed by Bingham Bryant and Kyle Molzan

#11: THE LOVE WITCH directed by Anna Biller

#10: 13TH directed Ava DuVernay

#9: OCEAN FALLS directed by Ryan Ermacora and Jessica Johnson

#8: CEMETERY OF SPLENDOR directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul

#7: LEMONADE directed by Beyoncé Knowles, Dikayl Rimmasch, Todd Tourso, Mark Romanek, Kahlil Joseph, Melina Matsoukas and Jonas Åkerlund

#6: THE LOBSTER directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

#5: KAILI BLUES directed by Gan Bi

#4: CERTAIN WOMEN directed by Kelly Reichardt

#3: PROJECT X directed by Henrik Moltke and Laura Poitras

#2: 0.5MM directed Momoko Ando

#1: THE PARK directed by Randa Maroufi

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