Tribeca 2019: Jeremy Gardner’s SOMETHING ELSE Gets a Clip

One of my most anticipated films at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival is Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella‘s, Something Else, a slow-burn monster movie produced by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Spring, The Endless). EW debuted a new clip from the film, which stars Gardner as a man who is not only struggling with his longtime girlfriend (Brea Grant) leaving, but also must contend with a monster attempting to break into his house every night.

Gardner previously directed and starred in the 2016 horror film The Battery, which was a fantastic slow-burn zombie flick.

Something Else also stars Henry Zebrowski, Justin Benson, Ashley Song, and Nicola Masciotra and will be premiering at Tribeca on April 26th.

embed via: Bloody Disgusting

When his long suffering girlfriend disappears suddenly, leaving a cryptic note as her only explanation, Hank’s comfortable life and his sanity begin to crack. Then, from the woods surrounding his house, something terrible starts trying to break in.

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