This is a repost of our previous coverage of this great short film. It’s now in competition at this season’s Fandependent Films Festival and available to watch for free below. If you like what you see consider voting for it over at The winner of this season’s festival will receive a $1000 cash prize. 

Available today is a new short film from writer/director Christopher Jason Bell, the man responsible for one of my favorites from last year, The Winds That Scatter. Decidedly far more comedic-leaning than his feature, the short –The Expanded Universe – revolves around one roommate unable to bring himself to see the newest Star Wars because of logistical issues and such.

And since there is yet another Star Wars upon us and just about every fabric of existence will be inundated, one way or another, with Star Wars branding, taking ubiquity to a new level, we’ve decided to share Bell’s short about the film franchise’s unbelievable reach. With this in mind, Bell has taken the idea of Star Wars being such a known quantity, found in almost every nook and cranny of life, that its cinematic universe could theoretically be borderless, perhaps even the infiltrating the feline mind.

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