Podcast: 373 – THE RENTAL

This week, Adam and Kevin talk about Dave Franco's directorial debut, The Rental, along with some other stuff including some Godzilla movies, Witchhammer, Special Actors, The Cheap

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It’s not that we want to drastically change the way we view the ACLU, we just want to zoom in closer to see the flaws and to know that, like their lawyers, the organization is comp


Thriller CENTIGRADE Trailer

IFC Midnight has released the trailer for the upcoming containment thriller Centigrade, which involves a couple who get trapped in their car during a blizzard.


Podcast: 372 – FIRST COW

This week, Adam and Kevin discuss Kelly Reichardt's First Cow, along with some other titles including Palm Springs, The Old Guard, Death Watch, Godzilla, and Soleil Ô.


Sci-Fi Horror Film SPUTNIK Trailer

IFC Midnight has released the trailer and poster for the upcoming sci-fi horror film Sputnik, in which a doctor must research a cosmonaut who returned to Earth with a life form li