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Tiff 2022: THE FABELMANS Review

Sifting through the tender memories of his youth, Steven Spielberg has lovingly crafted his personal celebration of the indelible power movies have over us in that signature, sent

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Tiff 2022: WENDELL & WILD Review

Henry Selick’s long-gestating follow-up project to the acclaimed Coraline (2009), his first and only directorial effort with Laika Studios before departing over contractual negoti


Tiff 2022: Roundup Part 3

Pearl Directed by Ti West Runtime 102 Mins Hot off the heels of the generously pastiched X from earlier this year, Ti West’s prequel/followup carves through the scatte


Saved by the ’90s: Stephen King

In this month's Halloween special, Adam and Ken take a look at just four of the many Stephen King adaptations throughout the decade including Misery, Sleepwalkers, The Dark Half, a


Podcast: 460 – PEARL

This week, Adam and Kevin review Ti West's X prequel Pearl, along with discussing some other titles including Sometimes They Come Back, The Hidden, V/H/S/99, and Ticket to Paradise


Tiff 2022: Roundup Part 2

I Like Movies Directed by Chandler Levack Runtime 99 Mins A bittersweet slice of Millennial nostalgia for the Canadian cinephile writing this, Chandler Levack’s debut


Podcast: 456 – SALOUM

This week, Adam and Kevin review the badass African Western horror hybrid Saloum, along with some other stuff including Horror in the High Desert, He's Watching, Tourist Trap, Conf