parasite 10


Parasite is a defiant piece of class critical cinema which features a director in obstinate control of his message, vision and artistry.

Little Monsters - Still 1 4.5


It’s a film teeming with opportunities that were squandered under falsely edgy and unfunny jokes, so I couldn’t help but think about the movie it could have been.

1BR_still1_01403611 5

Grimmfest 2019: 1BR Review

1BR is a great concept held back by the mishandling of its characters, but it still manages to deliver a worthwhile thriller that is both engrossing and, at times, unsettling.


Podcast: 340 – JOKER

Adam and Kevin take a look at Joker along with some other stuff including Uncanny Annie, Pet Sematary, In Search of Darkness, A Bread Factory, 1BR, and Rabid.