Fantasia 2018: 5 Films To Watch

Montreal’s Fantasia Festival is almost upon us, and with its large number of great looking selections, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight a few titles we recommend checking out. Fantasia will be taking place July 12th through August 2nd. More info can be found at

Later today we’ll be highlighting a number of titles we’re most excited to see at this year’s festival, so be sure to keep it locked, and for all of our upcoming Fantasia coverage click here.

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Blue My Mind by Lisa Brühlmann

This strange and haunting tale is not your typical coming of age story, which is definitely a good thing. Blake Crane said it perfectly in his review: “Blue My Mind, the striking debut feature from Swiss writer/director Lisa Brühlmann, does this with great effect. To varying degrees, it tackles material covered in films like CarrieGinger Snaps, and last year’s Raw, but stands out thanks to a deliberate pace, arresting cinematography, and Brühlmann’s keen vision that blends the real and relatable with the fantastic.”

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The Dark by Justin P. Lange

This dark, somber story of abuse and the healing power of the relationships we form is equal parts tragic, heartfelt drama and slow-burn horror. A boy who was blinded by his abusive kidnappers becomes friends with an undead girl dealing with the traumas of her past life. Full Review 

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Mandy by Panos Cosmatos

What will certainly be one of the most WTF films of the festival, Panos Cosmatos is back with his much anticipated second film Mandy, a balls to the wall heavy metal fueled ride through hell, with Nicolas Cage being even more off the rails than usual. It’ll be sure to divide audiences, but if you’re looking for something completely bat-shit, then this is for you. Full Review

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Piercing by Nicolas Pesce

Dark, disturbing, and wickedly funny, Piercing is a visually pleasing little thriller about a killer who gets the tables turned on him. Adapted from the novel by Ryu Murakami and styled with a giallo veneer, Piercing is twisted in all the right ways. Full Review

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Summer of ’84 by RKSS

The team that brought us the wonderful Turbo Kid is back with an ’80s set serial killer flick about a kid who becomes convinced his neighbor is murdering local boys. Evoking classics like Fright Night, Stand By Me, and ’80s Amblin films, Summer of ’84 is a fun fright flick to watch at the fest. Full Review

We’ve seen far from everything at this year’s Fantasia, so this list may not reflect our favorites, but stay tuned for continued coverage during the festival for more in depth reviews.

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