Alue-Movie-1 5.5


It’s hard to discern what Allure wants to say. Once it introduces its idea of abuse as a vicious cycle, it can only re-manifest that notion in different ways because it lacks the conceptual discipline to craft interlocking story arcs.


Ken’s 2018 Oscar Predictions

We’ve arrived at the end of one of the most tumultuous awards seasons in quite some time. While many of the races have been sewn up, some are only deceptively safe, while others – including Best Picture – remain quite visibly

November_Still_03 7


Shot in gorgeously high-contrast, black-and-white style, the realms of good and evil are reflected in bright colors that all but blend into snow and ice, with darker tones seeping off the screen into an infinite abyss.

permission_still 5.5


The movie is filled with with dry humor and awkward encounters, and they prove to be amusing in the abstract, although we can’t help but feel that this levity is used as an excuse to avoid the plot’s more complex implications.

Ingrid 6

Slamdance 2018: INGRID Review

It’s a gently mounted series of observational moments, less of a congealed, thesis-based documentary and more of a video diary.

blame_still 6

BLAME Review

Shephard’s direction dips into the conniving twists and sudsy appeal of it all, playfully skirting the line between caustic entertainment and prurient antagonism.


Ken’s Top 10 Films of 2017

Continuing our 2017 wrap-up spectacular is Ken Bakely‘s top 10 films of 2017.

1. Personal Shopper – Personal Shopper is an enveloping meditation on life and death, location and emotion, and the physical and the spiritual. It’s brought to life through graceful

future_38 6

FUTURE ’38 Review

There’s something fun about predicting the world of the future. We know our guesses will be massively off, but through our visions clouded by our favorite works of sci-fi, we think forward and see a world dramatically different from our own.

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)Kenneth Branagh 6


Murder on the Orient Express winds up on that mid-level ground: mixing vivid visuals with a obligated script, quick line readings with sluggish storytelling, and a crackerjack caper with an uninspired mood.

novitate_trailer1 6.5


Novitiate is a movie of allusions, as the characters in its story become pieces with which we can examine the bigger changes outside the convent walls.

geostorm 2


I stand in awe at Geostorm, a film so ludicrously broken, so haphazardly smashed together, so unrepentantly clichéd, so brutally incoherent, so hilariously self-serious, that it crosses the boundaries of terrible, smashes through the meager definitions of good and bad or right and wrong, transforms itself in the interim, and becomes phenomenal.

Sylvio+mugshot 7


Sylvio becomes a fascinating individual, managing to escape the cornering of what could have been a single-joke idea and instead anchoring a sly and effective comedy.

tragedy_girls 7


Tragedy Girls digs into the commodification of mass grief and hysteria that marks the town’s usable reactions to the deaths.