Ken’s 2023 Oscar Predictions

Here are my predictions for Sunday’s Oscar ceremony. As we go down the list of all 23 categories, we have a pretty active variety of safe frontrunners and undecided prizes that have predictors going back and forth until the last minute. But


Ken’s 2022 Oscar Predictions

This has been a very long awards season, and the ups and downs of the race reflect it. Seemingly, even more than normal, categories once thought to be free-for-alls have sewn up over a matter of days, and those once


Ken Bakely’s Top 10 Films of 2021

In case you didn’t listen to this week’s podcast or want to refer back to Ken’s list, here are his top 10 films of 2021! Be sure to check through all our top 10s and let us know in the comments what


Ken’s 2021 Oscar Predictions

Believe it or not, it’s time for the Oscars. While many of the contests seem to have safe frontrunners, there are still quite a few that are somewhat uncertain, and at least one that is truly up in the air.

09 Mortal - Eric - Nat Wolff - Controlling water in interrogation room 5.5


Mortal exercises commendable ambition in its plot but is ultimately let down by a flat, dour execution; there’s something caught between its potential and its delivery, as if there’s some  communication that’s been lost in the stages between the script and the


Ken’s 2020 Oscar Predictions

The shortened awards season this year has caused yet more confusion on the always-befuddling road to the Oscars. The chaos of having all of the major guilds and groups vote in such tight, overlapping timeframes has led to much debate on


Ken’s Top 10 Films of 2019

Continuing with our 2019 list extravaganza, here’s Ken’s top ten movies of 2019. For more thoughts from Ken, be sure to give our year-end podcast a listen here or on your preferred podcast service. To check out everyone’s amazing 2019 lists,

corporate animals 4.5


You can see the movie that Corporate Animals wants to be, as there are instances when its wild mixture of satirizing capitalism, horror comedy and peculiar banter create some moments that succeed in being uniquely funny.

Emily (Molly Shannon) and Susan (Susan Ziegler) lying in bed - WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY - Courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment 7.5


Wild Nights with Emily poses fascinating questions on how popular understandings in history are formed and often manipulated.

_ND50388.NEF 5.5


Inspired direction can’t save Yardie from a formulaic script.