Podcast: 413 – GAIA

This week, Adam and Kevin review the eco-horror movie Gaia and talk about some other stuff including Reunion, All My Friends Hate Me, Poser, and How It Ends.

Tribeca_The-Novice_1_1080p 7

Tribeca 2021: THE NOVICE Review

Playing out like the rowing equivalent of Whiplash, Lauren Hadaway’s intense, frantic and constantly energetic The Novice is an overwhelming but fascinating look at obsession.


Podcast: 412 – CENSOR

This week, Adam and Kevin take a look at the horror-thriller Censor and talk about some other stuff including Agnes, Chopping Mall, Ultrasound, The X-Files, The Novice, Hopscotch,

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Tribeca 2021: AGNES Review

Indie auteur Mickey Reece’s latest, and perhaps most ambitious project to date, Agnes, is at once a conventional, yet massively compelling possession film, as well as a subtle rum