The Guilty - Still 3 6.5

Sundance 2018: THE GUILTY Review

Told over the course of one harrowing evening in Denmark, Gustav Möller’s The Guilty presents a tense thriller while keeping the viewers, and our protagonist, Asger (Jakob Cedergre

Half the Picture - Still 2 6

Sundance 2018: HALF THE PICTURE Review

Half the Picture, a documentary from director Amy Adrion about the lack of women directors in television and feature films, centers on the male-dominated entertainment industry fro

DELIRIUM_STILL_12 High Res 3.5


Enter Johnny Martin's Delirium, which, through its own incompetence invents a subgenre no one asked for (that I will be dubbing “Lazy Found Footage”).

mom_and_dad_trailer_still_nicholas_cage 7


The parents aren’t alright in Mom and Dad, a high-concept, blood-soaked satire about folks suddenly developing (actual) murderous intentions directed at their children.