Mega Time Squad 4 7


Mega Time Squad, is an entertaining romp that poses the question of what would happen if an utterly inept criminal gained the ability to time travel.

Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot, The 3 7


With its brilliant, on-the-nose title, you may think that you know what to expect from Robert D. Krzykowski’s The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot, and while it does contain those two things, at its core, this is a bittersweet love story about an aging war hero reminiscing about the life he once had.

Pledge 5 6.5


Pledge is like Hostel meets The Skulls, with it leaning more heavily on the wanton torture angle than saying anything of substance about the barbaric practice of fraternity hazing in America.

Cam 2 7

CAM Review

It’s a compelling narrative driven by a solid performance from Madeline Brewer that becomes only more intriguing as Alice dives deeper into this strange technical nightmare she begins living.

bodied_01-h_2017 7.5


Though a tad too long, coming in at two hours, the standout performances from Worthy (along with all the rappers involved), the fantastic script, and Joseph Kahn’s music video-esque visuals make Bodied not one to miss.

Knuckleball 7 6


Playing out like a darker, more twisted version of Home Alone, Michael Peterson’s Knuckleball pits a clever little kid against a sadistic killer in a bloody game of cat and mouse.

Cold Skin 7 5.5


Playing out more like a gender-swapped version of The Shape of Water than the Lovecraftian horror it wants to be, Xavier Gens’ latest is a visually pleasing, but ultimately empty, creature feature that, while entertaining at times, fails to evoke the emotional resonance it sets out to achieve.

Puppet Master_ The Littlest Reich 3 6


It’s sleazy and sloppy, but leaning in to the comedic aspects of the series and doubling down on the variety of murder puppets definitely makes for a more entertaining viewing experience.

Hurt 1 4.5

Fantasia 2018: HURT Review

Sonny Mallhi’s Blumhouse-produced horror film Hurt is based on a true story, and he really wants you to remember that. Over and over you’ll be bombarded with people mentioning it and even see it written throughout the film, just in case you

Our House 1 5.5

Fantasia 2018: OUR HOUSE Review

The film is a remake, or “reimagining” as they’re calling it, of the film Ghost From the Machine AKA Phasma Ex Machina from Matt Osterman, and while I haven’t seen the original, I’m not sure what it was that begged this story to be remade only eight years later, as it’s a pretty standard supernatural horror film with few, if any, memorable moments.

Dans la Brume 2

Fantasia 2018: Award Winners Announced

The award winners for this year’s Fantasia Festival in Montreal have been announced, with Daniel Roby‘s science fiction film Dans La Brume winning Best Film. Nosipho Dumisa was awarded Best Director for the South African thriller Number 37.

Take a look


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Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival has revealed its first wave of films, which include a huge number of must-see titles, not the least of which is Tales From the Hood 2, chosen as one of the opening night selections. Daniel Roby‘s