Fantasia Fest 2014: SUBURBAN GOTHIC Trailer

Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming horror/comedy Suburban Gothic, starring Matthew Gray Gubler, Kat Dennings, Ray Wise, Jeffrey Combs, John Waters, and Jack Plotnick.  The film is directed by  Richard Bates Jr., who previously directed the horror film Excision, which I was


SXSW Horror/Comedy HOUSEBOUND Gets a Trailer

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming horror/comedy Housebound, which originally premiered at this year’s SXSW. Written and directed by Gerard Johnstone, the film revolves around a delinquent (Morgana O’Reilly) sentenced to home arrest, however it turns out her home

Tusk poster_crop

Kevin Smith’s TUSK Gets a Poster

A24 has released the first poster for Kevin Smith‘s upcoming horror film Tusk, which revolves around a man heading into the woods looking for his missing best friend and podcast co-host only to find something bizarre and terrible.  The film stars Haley Joel


V/H/S: VIRAL Gets a Release Date

For the last few years, October hasn’t released many horror titles for some reason, despite being the perfect month for doing so.  This year however, we’ll see a slew of Halloween friendly releases with The Conjuring spinoff Annabelle on the 3rd, Paranormal



Fandango has premiered the debut trailer for Sharknado 2: The Second One, which, in addition to an amazing title, looks like even more ridiculous than the previous film.

Syfy will be airing the movie on July 30th, so be


Supernatural Horror THE DAMNED Trailer

IFC Midnight released a new trailer for their upcoming horror title The Damned (formerly titled Gallows Hill).  The film is directed by Víctor García (Hellraiser: Revelations, Mirrors 2), and centers on a group of travelers who unwittingly unleash an ancient evil after freeing



After one already unnecessary sequel, it seems that there’s still some interest in creating some sort of franchise out of Eli Roth’s directorial debut, Cabin Fever.  Although the latest iteration, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, is superior to the train wreck that was Cabin Fever 2, this is still just another forgettable, implausible and laughably bad horror sequel.


Kickstart Sunday: GEHENNA

Japanese horror films never cease to scare the crap out of me, and Hiroshi Katagiri‘s Gehenna looks like it will be no exception.  Just look at the still above and tell me that doesn’t creep you out just a bit.


Grindhouse Weekly: THE BROOD (1979)

When it comes to body horror, the subgenre is synonymous with Canadian director David Cronenberg. While his most widely accessible films arguably came later in his career, his most personal entry in his early body-horror films is The Brood. The filmmaker has proven his talents time and again. The term “visceral” – so often tossed around when describing his films from the 1970s to 1980s – is a fitting descriptor for such films as Shivers (aka They Came From Within, 1975) and Rabid (1977).


Nicholas McCarthy’s AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR Trailer

IFC has released a new trailer for Nicholas McCarthy‘s upcoming horror film At the Devil’s Door (formerly titled Home).  McCarthy previously directed the sleeper hit The Pact, however At the Devil’s Door does little to bring anything unique to the genre, but


Legendary Set to Create DEAD RISING Movie

Variety broke the news that Legendary will be producing a film based on Capcom’s zombie series Dead Rising, and will be releasing it online via Sony’s Crackle network.  Contradiction Films, who previously worked on Mortal Kombat: Legacy is set



One of my all time favorite movies, and one that still scares the shit out of me to this day is the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Now, the film has been given a gorgeous 4K restoration with the supervision of director Tobe

Witching_and_bitching_poster 6.5


Everything about Witching and Bitching is completely absurd and over the top in the best possible ways. Despite the undesirable title, Álex de la Iglesia’s Witching and Bitching is a raucously fun ride that packs in plenty of laughs and gross-out moments. Harkening back to the classic days of horror comedy, before directors like Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson were playing with Hobbits and wizards, this is a new-school film that has a very old-school feel.