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Although I generally stick to writing reviews on the movies themselves, sometimes I’ll experience a movie-related product and feel the need to write a review about it.  That being said, this is my first game review, and I couldn’t be happier to be discussing Legendary Encounters by Upper Deck. This deck-building co-op game happens to be based on one of my all-time favorite film series, Alien. But can a card game capture the tense atmosphere of the movies? In short, yes it can.


THE ABCS OF DEATH 2 Extreme Red Band Trailer

A new, very NSFW trailer has been released for The ABCs of Death 2, which features 26 short films from 26 different directors depicting 26 very horrible ways to meet your demise.  Although I was generally underwhelmed with the first entry, a


Kickstart Sunday: PUTNEY

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick is the upcoming horror film, Putney, from writer/director Stewart Thorndike.  Thorndike just recently released her last film, Lyle, for free via their website at  I’m always a big supporter of

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Serbian Horror Film NIGHT GUARDS Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming Serbian horror short film Night Guards has been released, which revolves around two ghosts that live out their nightly routine over and over as if they were still alive.  Although the film has a decidedly low-budget

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Fans of classic giallo-style Italian horror are in for a treat with Luciano Onetti’s Sonno Profondo (Deep Sleep), a film that pays loving homage to such horror legends as Mario Bava and Dario Argento. Although the film itself chooses style over substance, I was astounded at the level of detail and care that went into making this look and feel like it came straight out of the ’70s.


Kickstart Sunday: THE SLEEPING ROOM

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick is the very creepy looking horror flick, The Sleeping Room, from writer/director John Shackleton.  Taking place in modern day Brighton, the film revolves around a young call girl who unwittingly unleashes some crazy evil into the world.


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Septic Man is a shitty movie in every sense of the word.  It’s a film heavily centered around shit and, other than the high quality and extremely gross gore effects, it’s not a very well made movie either.   The threadbare plot seems to only exist at all in order to transition from one gross-out moment to the next and the characters are underdeveloped and generic.  In many ways it feels like a higher quality Troma film, which could be viewed as a compliment, depending on how disgusting you like your horror.

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Director Nicholas McCarthy exploded onto the scene back in 2012 with his festival hit The Pact, which was a fantastically creepy little horror flick.  Now, his next movie, At The Devil's Door, is set come out, but it unfortunately doesn’t achieve the same level of originality or suspense as his previous film.  It’s a humdrum supernatural thriller that favors jump scares over any real tension and while it starts off intriguing, it quickly devolves into a mostly boring series of horror clichés.


THE PACT 2 Trailer

IFC has released the trailer for its upcoming horror sequel, The Pact 2, which opens on VOD September 5th and in theaters October 10th.  Although Nicholas McCarthy, the director of the original 2012 film, is not returning, Dallas Richard Hallam and Patrick

Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO Gets an Indefinite Delay

Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO Gets an Indefinite Delay

In a bit of very unfortunate news for horror fans, it was announced today that Eli Roth‘s upcoming cannibal throwback The Green Inferno is getting delayed indefinitely due to conflicts within the company that financed the film, Worldview Entertainment. 

According to

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Fantasia Fest 2014: THE DESERT Review

Holed up in their elaborately fortified residence, Ana (Victoria Almeida), Axel (Lautaro Delgado) and Jonathan (William Prociuk) have everything they need to survive the zombie apocalypse occurring outside their doorstep. The house is equipped with a security system of sorts, a sequence of microphones strung alongside the exterior piping outside audio into the interior through strategically placed megaphones, signaling potential dangers as they arise. They have firearms, ammunition, food, a steady water supply, board games, video games and, even, tattooing equipment; they only thing these three have to deal with essentially is themselves, which proves to be rather difficult.


The Vicious Brothers’ EXTRATERRESTRIAL Trailer

IFC Midnight dropped a new trailer for the upcoming horror film Extraterrestrial, written and directed by The Vicious Brothers (Grave Encounters).  The film revolves around a group of friends who find what appears to be a crashed UFO while vacationing in the


Stewart Thorndike’s LYLE Trailer Starring Gaby Hoffmann

The trailer for Stewart Thorndike‘s upcoming horror film Lyle, starring Gaby Hoffmann as a pregnant woman confronted by an unspeakable evil.  Judging from the trailer there looks to be quite a Rosemary’s Baby vibe, which is always a good thing.

Interestingly, the film

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Fantasia Fest 2014: DEVIL’S MILE Review

At first glance, Joseph O'Brien’s feature directorial debut, Devil’s Mile, appears to be a simple throwback, road-trip, exploitation film, but it quickly evolves into something much more interesting. While at its core it does have a ’70s exploitation vibe, it also blends elements of Japanese horror, crime thriller and even some more paradoxical elements I can’t discuss without risking spoilers. It’s a messy film and doesn’t make much sense, but it’s still a fun ride.