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I know it may be shocking to hear, but the internet can often be a cesspool of horrors, beaming the most abhorrent, awful things humans are capable of straight onto our screens.

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Soon after the death of Freddie Gray, at the hands of the Baltimore Police Department, is where documentary filmmaker Marilyn Ness places herself for her latest film, Charm City.


Podcast: Episode 293 – Human Rights Watch 2018

This week, Adam and Kevin take a look at the 2018 Human Rights Watch Film Festival and review two films screening this year with Charm City and The Distant Barking of Dogs. Other films from the festival discussed include Women of Venezuelan Chaos, Anote's Ark, and The Cleaners.

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Human Rights Watch 2018: WOMEN OF VENEZUELAN CHAOS Review

Powerful, heart-wrenching and vitally important, Margarita Cadenas’ timely documentary Women of Venezuelan Chaos provides an intimate look at the atrocities occurring right now in Venezuela, despite their oppressive government continuously trying to cover it up.