Kickstart Sunday: VinegarSyndrome.TV

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick is not an actual movie, but a movie streaming service. Now, I know these services have been popping up everywhere recently, and we need another one like a hole in the head, but this is from


Kickstart Sunday: JASON VS. MICHAEL

We don’t typically promote fan films on this feature, however this week’s Kickstart Sunday immediately stood out to me simply because I want to see this happen. Bill Gould is creating a feature-length film where horror icons Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees square



This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from the dedicated and talented crew behind the completely crowd-funded film Iron Sky. If you thought Nazis in space was the end of it, you’re in for a treat because Iron Sky: The Coming


Kickstart Sunday: FOUND FOOTAGE 3D

As someone who has grown to despise the found footage sub-genre over the last few years, it pleases me to no end to see a director deconstructing the tropes and making a film that satirizes everything about this tired style of horror


Kickstart Sunday: LOST IN AMERICA

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick is the upcoming documentary Lost in America, directed by Rotimi Rainwater. The film profiles America’s homeless youth by interviewing kids across the country who are forced to live on the streets.  Although this looks like


Kickstart Sunday: M / M

Although I know very little about this week’s Kickstart Sunday pick, M / M, from director Drew Lint, it seems like one of those great experimental mind benders that the less you know the better.  From what I can


Kickstart Sunday: A SEXPLANATION

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from director Alex Liu and his upcoming documentary A Sexplanation.  The film aims to take a scientific and entertaining look at sex in the modern world “starting with the premise that

Kickstart Sunday: CULLING THE HERD

Kickstart Sunday: CULLING THE HERD

This week’s Kickstart Sunday pick comes to us from producer/director Don Lewis and his upcoming documentary Culling the Herd (working title).  The film takes a look at modern organic cattle farming, and the challenges farmers are facing.  Lewis previously