Podcast: Episode 249 – LITTLE BOXES

This week on the show Adam and Kevin take a look at the newly released indie dramedy Little Boxes from director Rob Meyer. Other films discussed include Lupin III, Midnight Meat Train, the first three movies in the new season of MST3K (Reptilicus,

Doug Archibald’s I LOVE YOU BOTH Gets a Trailer

Magnolia has released the trailer for the upcoming comedy I Love You Both, which tells the story of twins who end up dating the same guy and realize they must finally choose to live their own separate lives. The film marks the

uncle-kent-2poster 7


Back in 2011, director Joe Swanberg created a little indie film called Uncle Kent, which took a semi-biographical look at the life of Kent Osborne, a writer and animator for such shows as Adventure Time and Spongebob Squarepants.


TED 2 Gets a New Red Band Trailer

Universal Pictures has released a new red band trailer for Ted 2, the comedy sequel starring Mark Wahlberg and his lovable but vulgar teddy bear voiced by director Seth MacFarlane. The film also stars Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, Giovanni RibisiJohn Slattery, and Morgan

APPLESAUCE_web_1 7.5

Tribeca 2015: APPLESAUCE Review

That’s a question you might ask yourself early on while watching Applesauce, the latest from writer/director Onur Tukel as it serves as the jumping off point for his tried and true brand of acerbic comedy. And, if you’re familiar with Tukel’s propensity to play rather unlikeable, yet somehow appealing, characters you might ask yourself “how in the world is Tukel playing a high school teacher?” Furthermore, what class demands him to teach these kids about empathy?

tenured 7.5

Tribeca 2015: TENURED Review

Adapted from his short film Teacher of the Year from 2012, Chris Modoono’s Tenured is an uproariously funny story about a tenured 5th-grade teacher on the verge of a complete emotional breakdown after his wife leaves him and his cushy do-nothing job becomes threatened. Through a smart and consistently funny script, Modoono crafts a film that manages to be hilarious and, dare I say, touching without losing its sense of humor.


Kickstart Sunday: TROPHY HUSBAND

Happy Easter and welcome to another edition of Kickstart Sunday! This week we’d like to highlight Trophy Husband from directors Sam Rosen and Nat Bennett. This feature-length comedy revolves around a stay-at-home dad and his struggle to find his identity


Melissa McCarthy’s SPY Gets a New Trailer and Poster

A new trailer and poster has been released fore the upcoming action-comedy Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy as a deskbound CIA analyst who volunteers to go undercover to retrieve a missing agent played by Jason Statham. Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) directs, with Rose Byrne,

Super Troopers

SUPER TROOPERS 2 Heads to IndieGoGo

An IndieGoGo campaign has launched for Super Troopers 2, the (highly anticipated?) sequel to the hit comedy from way back in 2001 (God I’m old). The entire Broken Lizards crew is back to pick up where the last film left off, but

Zombeavers-Poster 5.5


With a title like Zombeavers, there’s a certain lowered expectation associated with watching this kind of film, much like other purposefully campy creature features, such as Piranha 3D or Big Ass Spider. Indeed Jordan Rubin’s film is a silly gorefest, featuring giant, mutated versions of nature’s cute little rodent builders, but the fun takes a bit too long to get started.


MAN UP Trailer Starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming romantic comedy Man Up, directed by Ben Palmer (The Inbetweeners Movie) and starring Lake Bell as a single woman who pretends to be someone else when a man (Simon Pegg) mistakes her for