PIXELS Gets 3 New Teaser Posters

Three new teaser posters have been revealed for the upcoming Chris Columbus-directed comedy Pixels, which revolves around a race of aliens who misinterpret retro video game signals as a declaration of war and decide to attack Earth using familiar video game properties. Based

TopFive 5


Chris Rock’s status as one of the best stand-ups of his generation, perhaps ever, isn’t in question. Thus far, however, his winning mixture of insightful social commentary and incising wit hasn’t translated to film. His previous directorial efforts (Head of State, I Think I Love My Wife) largely sacrificed the comedian’s observations for more standard slants, while his slumming with Adam Sandler in the Grown Ups movies is probably fun for them but definitely not for us. The quasi-autobiographical Top Five is the closest Rock has come yet to capturing his on-stage magic, and though the film is often funny, it’s also disorganized and broad in its judgments.


Chris Rock’s TOP FIVE Gets a New Red Band Trailer

A new red band trailer has been released for the upcoming Chris Rock comedy Top Five, which has just a bit more “stank” on it than the theatrical trailer. The film, written, directed, and starring Rock, features Rosario Dawson, J.B. Smoove, Gabrielle Union,



The first trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 has been released, which features the gang from the first film heading to the acapella world championships. The film marks Elizabeth Banks‘ feature directorial debut, and stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany SnowSkylar AstinHailee SteinfeldAnna CampKatey Segal

Kevin James as

PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2 Exists and Now Has a Trailer

For some reason, the original 2009 Paul Blart: Mall Cop was a financial success so naturally a sequel was made and now we have this- Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. The film stars Kevin James, Molly Shannon, Neal McDonough, Daniella Alonso, David Henrie

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Horror-comedy is a genre that you seldom see much from nowadays. In recent years you’d have to look to films like Shaun of the Dead, Slither or Zombieland to deliver the shrieks and guffaws. The genre’s offerings can take many forms, such as flat-out parodies (like the Scary Movie franchise), self-aware films that scare you while letting you in on the joke (like the Scream series) or films that deliver exactly what the title promises (like Killer Klowns from Outer Space).

two_night_stand 6


Boy meets girl (or vice versa). Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back. This pretty much sums up the basic structure of the countless romantic comedies that have been made since film’s early beginnings in the early 20th century. The challenges filmmakers face when tackling a rom-com is finding a way to entertain an audience familiar with the genre’s many tropes. And finding a fresh angle is certainly a daunting task when rom-coms are a dime a dozen.

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For being sold as something of a spoof film, Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter’s Gone Doggy Gone is a surprisingly earnest and, dare I say, deep film about the relationship we have with our pets and the personal insecurities we project onto them.

The film revolves around a young married couple (Brown and Walter), who treat their entirely-too-adorable Yorkie as if it was their own child. They feed it people food at the dinner table; they transport it in either a baby björn or stroller; and they dress it up in ridiculous, but yet again, incredibly adorable clothing.

space_station_76_poster 7.5


Jack Plotnick’s Space Station 76 is a science fiction comedy that takes place in the future as it was imagined back in the ‘70s. This goofy idea lends itself to a bevy of funny gags that poke fun at the time period and how the future was represented. While it mostly acts as a straight comedy, there is a serious undercurrent flowing beneath the mustaches and feathered hairdos. This slightly dark edge makes the film much more rewarding than a straight-up spoof. Basically, Space Station 76 is like the ‘70s sci-fi version of Wet Hot American Summer, which means it’s hilarious, smart and super fun.

skeleton_twins 7.5


It’s been ten years since estranged twins Maggie and Milo have spoken to each other.   They have established their lives on opposite coasts. Milo is a gay, struggling actor living in Los Angeles, and Maggie seems to be living the ideal life with her husband in upstate New York. There has always been talk of some sort of psychic bond between the twins. For example, one twin may feel pain in an arm that the other may simultaneously feel in the same spot, not necessarily as pain but as a sensation. With that in mind, it is a near-tragic moment that brings the two of them back together. This is how Craig Johnson’s entertaining dra-medy The Skeleton Twins opens, and it only just begins to scratch the surface of just who these people are and what they are going through together.