theaddiction 8

THE ADDICTION Blu-ray Review

With an incredible performance from Taylor and a solid cameo by Christopher Walken, this is one of Ferrara’s best and is worth a look, especially because there’s a new director-approved Blu-ray available from Arrow Video.

vigil blu-ray 2 7.5

VIGIL Blu-ray Review

Its striking visuals alone make this film worthy of a look, depicting the stark, muddy New Zealand countryside with style and grace.

Smash-Palace-4 7

SMASH PALACE Blu-ray Review

With a superb performance from Bruno Lawrence and some thrilling driving sequences, Smash Palace is a hidden gem worth looking into, made that much easier to procure now that Arrow Academy has released a new Blu-ray version

2000maniacs01 7.5


All in all, with the included bonus film and fact that this is the most complete version of the film to date, this is an easy recommend despite the transfer not being of the highest quality.