3_hillbilly_BillyRedden 7.5


It’s easy to poke fun at Appalachia and its denizens, disregarding them as simple-minded white trash with a lack of culture, but the more we ostracize and belittle a group of people, the more divided we become as a nation. This is something we’ve done far too much of as of late, and maybe this film will encourage us all to be more tolerant of others, even those considered hillbillies.   

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 11.42.15 AM 6.5

SHINE Review

In spite of some unfortunate acting and a painfully predictable gentrification-versus-the-locals storyline, Shine is beautifully shot; packs quite a punch for its comparably small size; oozes Puerto-Rican pride; and, ultimately, does exactly what it set out to do, with the high-energy vibe somewhat making up for the roughness around its edges.



Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. is a fascinating look at one of the most relentlessly talented and unique musicians working today, and the film fits the artist. It’s raw, candid and brings with it a narrative that’s both energetic and important.

jackaledwardfoxcyrilcusack 8

THE DAY OF THE JACKAL Arrow Blu-ray Review

The Day of The Jackal is a tense and impeccably crafted political thriller that holds up to modern viewing, especially now that it’s received the Arrow Video treatment and has been released on Blu-ray.

the baby 3 7.5

THE BABY Arrow Blu-ray Review

The Baby is another gem in the ever-growing Arrow library, and while I wouldn’t call it a must-own for fans of weird, oddball cinema, this is not one to be missed.

tea-with-the-dames-trailer-still 7.5


The film’s greatest asset is its ability to convey the lively spirit of the conversations without feeling selective or artificially emphasizing points, beyond spare bursts of archival footage or the occasional question posed from Michell himself.

I-Think-Were-Alone-Now-Peter-Dinklage-700x300 5.5


Though it puts a strong foot forward, the more I Think We're Alone Now and Del opens up to you the more predictable and meandering its vision of unconventional friendships for the end of the world becomes.

0912_mdma01-1000x666 5

MDMA Review

It’s a mess but a strangely watchable one, and I honestly think that’s good enough for a recommendation.

Mandy - Still 1 6.5

MANDY Review

This ’80s-set thriller is a chaotic, drug-fuelled, heavy metal, balls-to-the-wall extravaganza of violence and carnage.

cold water 1 8

COLD WATER Criterion Blu-ray Review

Cold Water is an absorbing, pensive look at what such desires feel like on the inside, with its handheld close-ups on faces and careful observance at objects and structures, as if to seek answers from everything in equal measure.

killing 2018 8

Tiff 2018: KILLING Review

With his latest, maverick actor/director Shinya Tsukamoto continues his later career's exploration of more traditional genre forms examined under his iconoclast perspective with the condensed and eclectic samurai drama Killing.

Deep Red 4 9

DEEP RED Arrow Blu-ray Review

Dario Argento’s Deep Red stands as not only one of the director’s best pieces of work but marks the zenith of the giallo subgenre, a film to which all other gialli should be compared.



Like the super predator, what we’re left with is an 11-foot hybrid monster that probably shouldn’t have attempted this evolution.  

nun_1 5

THE NUN Review

Nothing that’s built around the Nun’s haunting glare fully ignites the nightmare fuel inherent in the image.

Cold Skin 7 5.5


Playing out more like a gender-swapped version of The Shape of Water than the Lovecraftian horror it wants to be, Xavier Gens’ latest is a visually pleasing, but ultimately empty, creature feature that, while entertaining at times, fails to evoke the emotional resonance it sets out to achieve.

Hereditary_Collette.0 7

HEREDITARY Blu-ray Review

Sadly, the Blu-ray release for Hereditary is a bit lacking, containing only a few bonus supplements, although what’s here is good.