Dreadout 11 4.5

Fantasia 2019: DREADOUT Review

Dreadout isn’t without its charms, but the grating, surface-level characters and uninteresting narrative make it a horror title that has some fun set pieces but offers little in the way of lasting power or memorability.    

Sadako 1-1 3

Fantasia 2019: SADAKO Review

Sadako begins tempting enough, with a decent setup and a few effective scares, but as the runtime progresses, it slowly derails into a slog that makes Sadako vs. Kayako look like the most logical movie in existence. 


NYAFF 2019: FURIE Review

Like some kind of badass Vietnamese version of Taken, Le-Van Kiet’s Furie brings fast, fluid action with a heavy dose of style to make it a martial arts bonanza that’s not one to be missed.


NYAFF 2019: JAM Review

By exploring the small overlaps between, and coincidences among, the stories of complete strangers, Jam fails to become as good as the sum of its parts.