Burn6 6.5

BURN Review

Burn, written and directed by Mike Gan, takes some surprising twists over the course of a night but ultimately sets up characters who have less depth than they should. 

Driven 7


Though the central stories of Nick Hamm’s Driven may not be fully fleshed out, the film still manages to give us a satisfying snapshot into the life of John DeLorean, with the help of great performances by Jason Sudeikis and Lee Pace.

Alice-Sweet-Alice 9

ALICE, SWEET ALICE Arrow Blu-ray Review

With this robust amount of content – combined with the fantastic restoration, the Arrow Video release for Alice, Sweet Alice is absolutely top notch and one that I highly recommend picking up.

The Journalist_main 7.5

Japan Cuts 2019: THE JOURNALIST Review

With a narrative that feels uncomfortably ripped from the headlines, The Journalist reinforces the need for a critical and independent media through the tense lens of a bureaucratic thriller.

Divine Fury0003 5

Fantasia 2019: THE DIVINE FURY Review

The Divine Fury is an entertaining, yet slight action-horror film that, while containing a few thunderous moments, doesn’t quite stick the landing or embrace its great concept.

piranhas-publicity_still_2-h_2019 6.5


Claudio Giovannesi’s Piranhas is a sensitive portrayal of crime-family culture in Naples but suffers from a script struggling to make its characters as real as the violence.

MNT_Corrected_Still_1 5


The Mountain is a tough watch, not just because of how exceedingly slow and boring it is, but also because there’s so much excellent filmmaking at play here that is hamstrung by the script.

Door Lock 1 7

Fantasia 2019: DOOR LOCK Review

Door Lock is a well shot and at times fiercely creepy thriller that almost acts as a companion piece to Sleep Tight, and while I wouldn’t say it reaches the same heights as the original, it deviates enough from the source material to feel like its own story.

extra-ordinary 7

Fantasia 2019: EXTRA ORDINARY Review

The premise alone for Extra Ordinary, a film about a timid driving instructor whose ability to communicate with the dead puts her in a position to save the life of a teenager who is about to be sacrificed by a one-hit-wonder musician in order to resurrect his career, should be enough to warrant the price of admission.