man on fire 6

Slamdance 2018: MAN ON FIRE Review

With his camera at hand and a burning human to point it on, the most the film gets out of its subjects is an ill-advised, one-sided conversation where black residents and “woke” allies point to clear-cut racism and the folksy residents shrug their shoulders and deflect.

Ingrid 6

Slamdance 2018: INGRID Review

It’s a gently mounted series of observational moments, less of a congealed, thesis-based documentary and more of a video diary.

fake_tattoos 7

Slamdance 2018: FAKE TATTOOS Review

Fake Tattoos is a lovely first feature, even if at times it feels like the French Canadian punk version of a number of different romantic films from Garden State to Before Sunrise.


JIGSAW Blu-ray Review

It’s been seven long years since Jigsaw and his merry band of self-righteous psychopaths graced the screen, and, evidently, enough time passed to justify a reboot of the Saw franchise.

invt_india 7

Sundance 2018: INVENTING TOMORROW Review

With what could have been a rather boring subject, considering so much of it was scientific jargon, Nix was able to breathe life into the students’ projects and deliver a compelling, engrossing picture from their teenage perspectives.

The Guilty - Still 3 6.5

Sundance 2018: THE GUILTY Review

Told over the course of one harrowing evening in Denmark, Gustav Möller’s The Guilty presents a tense thriller while keeping the viewers, and our protagonist, Asger (Jakob Cedergren), fixed in one location.

Half the Picture - Still 2 6

Sundance 2018: HALF THE PICTURE Review

Half the Picture, a documentary from director Amy Adrion about the lack of women directors in television and feature films, centers on the male-dominated entertainment industry from the perspective of some of the women who have struggled to realize the same professional

DELIRIUM_STILL_12 High Res 3.5


Enter Johnny Martin's Delirium, which, through its own incompetence invents a subgenre no one asked for (that I will be dubbing “Lazy Found Footage”).