new-web-poster 7.5


You may have never heard of the tech company General Magic, but you’re certainly familiar with the innovations that they sparked more than a decade before smartphones proliferated society.

Gemma at the weekly pigeon beauty contest in the boxing gym. 7.5

Tribeca 2019: SCHEME BIRDS Review

Scheme Birds just won Best Documentary Feature at Tribeca and with good reason. It’s a beautifully shot, often heartbreaking slice-of-life tale that quickly pulls the viewer in with its captivating lead, who we just want to see turn out okay by the end.

Still 8 7.5


SHADOW may not have the anticipative story of HERO or the emotional complexity of RAISE THE RED LANTERN, but its visuals are so impressive that it can be enjoyed on mute with the subtitles turned off.

CrownVic_Thomas_Stanton_1_PR_HR_UBG.jpg_rgb 7

Tribeca 2019: CROWN VIC Review

More than just a Training Day clone, Crown Vic is an at-times-thrilling police story that acutely conveys both the physical and emotional turmoil police officers must contend with every night that they take out that squad car.

The detective at the pipeline (Leonardo Alonso) 7.5

Tribeca 2019: THE GASOLINE THIEVES Review

Although I was gutted by the time it reached its conclusion, The Gasoline Thieves is an assured and tremendously strong feature debut from Edgar Nito, which fluidly blends a coming-of-age drama with a timely and socially conscious topic that has claimed hundreds of lives.

Something_Else_02 7

Tribeca 2019: SOMETHING ELSE Review

Something Else is an effective genre blend that will no doubt divide audiences with its focus on the relationship drama over the horror elements, but despite the overabundant hipster vibes and slow pacing, it’s an intriguing film with a few surprises and a handful of solid performances that ultimately delivers a satisfying conclusion.

red white wasted 6

Tribeca 2019: RED, WHITE & WASTED Review

It may be almost as messy as the trucks heading back from the Yacht Club, but movies like this are a gateway into the nooks and crannies of our country and serve as a sociological time capsule of this time and place.   

1. Come To Daddy_Still 1 7

Tribeca 2019: COME TO DADDY Review

Beginning as a somber reunion of father and son and ending in a gore-filled bloodbath, Timpson’s first foray in the director’s chair is anything but a forgettable experience.

Body At Brighton Rock 00 5.5


With unearned scares and unnecessary set-pieces that simply feel like filler, Body At Brighton Rock ultimately falters in its execution.