rondo 3

RONDO Review

Promising sex, murder and revenge, Drew Barnhardt’s Rondo, I can say, does indeed deliver on those three things. How well those three things are executed, however, is an entirely different matter.

ma (1) 5

MA Review

Octavia Spencer is great as Ma. As a movie, MA is not good.

Like_FeatureFilm_Stills_Stills.18 5

BFF 2019: #LIKE Review

#Like is a well intentioned thriller that plays with themes we’ve seen many times over in recent years but lacks a cohesive structure to convey the weight in which it intends.

011641211.jpg 7.5


The Perfection could inspire a meme called “Netflix and recoil,” and that’s mostly a good thing.

Famous Image 8.5


Famous is an intense criticism of the entertainment industry, full of creative technical brilliance.

long_lost_still_3_-_publicity_-_h_2019 6


The main point of interest in Long Lost cannot be talked about, but the meandering journey to the film's destination makes it well worth it.

pikachu 6.5


With plenty of fan service, Detective Pikachu is a fun romp that will no doubt appeal to both kids who are just discovering Pokemon now with the more recent games and older folks like me who remember trying to “catch ’ em all” (though I never did).

new-web-poster 7.5


You may have never heard of the tech company General Magic, but you’re certainly familiar with the innovations that they sparked more than a decade before smartphones proliferated society.

Gemma at the weekly pigeon beauty contest in the boxing gym. 7.5

Tribeca 2019: SCHEME BIRDS Review

Scheme Birds just won Best Documentary Feature at Tribeca and with good reason. It’s a beautifully shot, often heartbreaking slice-of-life tale that quickly pulls the viewer in with its captivating lead, who we just want to see turn out okay by the end.

Still 8 7.5


SHADOW may not have the anticipative story of HERO or the emotional complexity of RAISE THE RED LANTERN, but its visuals are so impressive that it can be enjoyed on mute with the subtitles turned off.