1. Come To Daddy_Still 1 7

Tribeca 2019: COME TO DADDY Review

Beginning as a somber reunion of father and son and ending in a gore-filled bloodbath, Timpson’s first foray in the director’s chair is anything but a forgettable experience.

scared stiff 5.5

SCARED STIFF Arrow Blu-Ray Review

Despite another quality release from Arrow, Scared Stiff is not a title I could see myself revisiting in the future, and even its over-the-top climax can’t save it from being a relatively mediocre experience, albeit one that I could see many other horror fans enjoying.

Blue-My-Mind-Header-1200x520 8


Though Blue My Mind gets intense and graphic in spots with Mia’s metamorphosis, it always feels grounded in the feelings and emotions of her situation, the horror elements left as effective allegory.

Bliss 1 - 1080p - 300dpi

Tribeca 2019: BLISS Teaser Trailer

Ahead of its premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, a teaser trailer has been released for Joe Begos’ (Almost Human, The Mind’s Eye) Bliss, which involves an artist who, after several nights of debauchery, develops a hunger for human blood.


childs-play-CHUCKY in OrionPicturesCHILDSPLAY_rgb

CHILD’S PLAY Reboot Gets a New Trailer and Poster

Orion has released a new trailer and poster for their upcoming Child’s Play reboot, starring Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, and Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky. The film is directed by Lars Klevberg and seems to follow a

us_2 7.5

US Review

Just like Peele's first film Get Out, Us is a skillfully written mystery-horror filled with deceit, humor and social commentary.

DEPRAVED screenshot_David Call as Henry_©Glass Eye Pix 7.5

What the Fest!?: DEPRAVED Review

In the best Frankenstein-like story since the unironically great Frankenhooker, Larry Fessenden’s first directorial effort since 2013’s Beneath marks his most ferociously entertaining feature to date.



Magnolia has released a new trailer and poster for the upcoming horror-thriller Body at Brighton Rock, which involves a park guide who gets lost in the mountains only to stumble upon a dead body. Written and directed by Roxanne Benjamin, the film stars Karina

DEPRAVED screenshot_David Call as Henry_©Glass Eye Pix

Larry Fessenden’s DEPRAVED Gets a Teaser

Glass Eye Pix has released a teaser trailer for Larry Fessenden‘s upcoming horror film Depraved, which is set to make its world premiere at this year’s What The Fest!? in New York. The film is a modern Frankenstein story involving

kolobos_2 7.5

KOLOBOS Arrow Blu-ray Review

Bog-standard, straight-to-video horror movies were a dime a dozen in the ’90s, and while Kolobos may unfairly be lumped into that category, there’s enough creativity here to set it apart from the rest.  

knife heart 2 6.5


Set within the seedy porno sets and neon-soaked discotheques of Paris in the late 1970s, Yann Gonzalez crafts a stylish, nasty giallo with Knife+Heart, which, despite overstaying its welcome, is a fascinating mystery-thriller that oozes with gorgeous visuals and a heaping pile of camp.

the wind

Emma Tammi’s THE WIND Gets a Trailer

IFC has released a new trailer for Emma Tammi‘s upcoming horror film The Wind, in which a frontier woman in 19th-century America believes there to be malevolent forces threatening her. The film stars Caitlin Gerard, Julia Goldani Telles, Miles Anderson, and Dylan McTee.