Murmur 8

VIFF 2019: MURMUR Review

Heather Young's MURMUR is a compassionate portrait, full of warmth, of a woman struggling with addiction with the help of an elderly dog.

long_lost_still_3_-_publicity_-_h_2019 6


The main point of interest in Long Lost cannot be talked about, but the meandering journey to the film's destination makes it well worth it.

Sarah-with-the-Tape-Small-1 6

MEME Review

A fairly routine relationship drama adorned with existential ponderings that has plenty of creativity but runs a little low on emotion.

Cannibal Club - Still 2 5.5


Nothing is expounded upon, just introduced (sometimes in a shocking manner) and resigned to a sedentary existence amongst other ideas launched and ignored.

Pity 7

PITY Review

Babis Makridis & Efthymis Filippou’s latest black comedy is a shocking critique of the wealthy’s unending appetite for all things, even the unappealing.